Fariz Rifqi

Fariz Rifqi

Hi! My name is Fariz Rifqi, you can call me Fariz. I'm a self-taught software engineer from Indonesia. I enjoy solving complex problems in to simple programs. Currently focus on learning Web3 and ChatGPT. I like to learn or research many new things, stuck on codes was my daily activity.

In my spare time, I scroll TikTok or play games like Valorant, DoTA, Mobile Legends, and some offline games. I love to listen to music on Spotify before sleep, ride, and write code. For more, check Other.


Here are a few things that I ever and can use

I also put it on my Github, check for more details there, meanwhile, look at my public repositories also.


My journey began at 13y.o. when I was in sixth-grade elementary school, I saw my dad writing in Visual Basic on my old computer which I don't know what he doing before. Unexpectedly, it seems challenging and I'm very excited. Then I decided to ask my dad to teach me, then give me a book about coding in Visual Basic. I felt like books are not enough for me, I started to explore on the internet. I am successful to create a stopwatch using Visual Basic, I'm so happy.

In 2014, I'm interested in writing. I started learning HTML and CSS by making a Blogspot template. Then I joined a group on Facebook that talked about free Twitter followers. From that, I started learning and using PHP also Bootstrap, MySQL, and jQuery in flow.

I learn about Web3 using NodeJS which uses ethers. I started creating my own smart chain transaction bot, and learn Solidity to start deploying the smart contract.

Now, I learn deeply about NodeJS and looking for some bits of knowledge on other languages. Cuz I know other will be useful on that they supposed to be.

Contact Me

Looking for something from me? Get in touch with me through my social links at the bottom-left of this page. Here' my Resume.

Hurry? Reach me at f@farizrifqi.link or 𝕏 for a faster response.

This page was meant to tell everyone about what things I ever learn and use. Also for a self-reminder about how long I ever walk around this world and I'll take a conclusion about what should i learn or try in future.