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Sup! My name is Fariz Rifqi.

I'm a self-taught software engineer from Indonesia, specializing in backend development.

I enjoy solving complex problems in to simple programs. Currently focus on learning Blockchain and LangChain.

Fariz Rifqi
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Works & Projects

Below are list of thing that I've been doing & contributed on.

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Enterprise System PT.JIM

2024 Jun - present

Enterprise system to manage core business processes. These applications facilitate the flow of information across various departments.

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Threads Media Downloader

2023 Jul - present

Media downloader for Threads App. Download multiple threads photo & videos for free.

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2023 Jul - present

Professional ticketing service for ticket war through CLI ticketing tools.

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2023 May - present

Interact with QRIS detailed insights into the data formats and provides powerful tools for data extraction, modification, and conversion between QR code images and raw data.

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Skill Set

Here are a few things that I ever and can use.

Programming Languages

PaaS & Cloud



OS & Package Managers

Dev Tools

Materials & Libraries



Here are some statistics about me.


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